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Initial network data: starting tomorrow, gas via “Nord Stream 1”

Gas shipments through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline have been announced for tomorrow after the three-day supply freeze has ended. This stems from preliminary data on the Nord Stream AG website. According to these, gas delivery is scheduled again from 2 am tomorrow. The volume corresponds to shipments before the interruption, which is about 20 percent of the maximum possible volume and therefore 33 million cubic meters of natural gas per day.

Reservations – nominations – are advance information for gas network operators so that they can move large volumes. However, these nominations can still be changed until shortly before the actual delivery. The data published so far only shows the time until 6 a.m. tomorrow, when the new gas day begins.

Doubts about the justification for stopping

Since Wednesday morning, no gas has flowed through the last most important Russian gas pipeline to Germany. According to the Russian energy company Gazprom, the reason is maintenance work on the air compressor plant. The company announced that the suspension of delivery will last until the second of September.

The head of the German Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, expressed doubts about the reason for the halt in delivery. Gazprom also cited technical reasons for throttling to one-fifth of the maximum production limit. Suspicions about this came from the German government, among others.

After the attack on Ukraine and sanctions from the West, Moscow cut off or stopped gas supplies to several countries.