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Innauer expresses her concerns about women’s snowboarding flying

Innauer expresses her concerns about women’s snowboarding flying

“There’s a worst case that’s going to happen – with 100 percent certainty.”

Former ski jumper Toni Enauer has issued a warning ahead of the premiere of the women’s figure skating event in Vikersund on Sunday (10am).

Last year, the Vorarlberg countrywoman slammed the idea that figure skating competitions should also be introduced at the Women’s World Cup (all info here).

The risk of infection is much higher in women

The subject is clearly important to Innauer, as he even wrote a letter to the FIS personally last summer.

In the letter, the 64-year-old advised against the idea of ​​women’s snowboarding and said that “a woman’s body is less flexible than a man’s.”

The combination of an increased sprinting speed compared to men and the resulting increased impact force can have fatal effects. “It was good to call in real experts – practitioners and scientists – for assessment and advice,” he says. Enor APA.

Currently, FIS only allows senior female athletes to compete in figure skating

He received an answer from the FIS but this did not satisfy him.

“There was a relatively general, gender-sensitive message that you think women have evolved tremendously and it’s time to take the next step,” says the former figure skating record holder. In addition, according to Einauer, the International Skating Association did not respond to his arguments.

However, at the start, only the top fifteen are allowed to compete in the raw air competitions, which makes Vorarlberg positive in this regard at least. “In terms of the level of performance, this is a certain guarantee that the field is more homogeneous,” he argues.

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But even the best athletes have had serious falls while flying on the ice, and he names 64-year-olds Thomas Morgenstern and Daniel Andre Tandy as examples. That’s why Enur also spoke to the women that “with 100 percent certainty” the “worst case” will happen.


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