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InnTONES Festival symbolizes human and artistic openness

InnTONES Festival symbolizes human and artistic openness

Dersbach. From July 21 to 23 at Diersbach in Innviertel, music lovers can once again look forward to beautiful music. Inntones Jazz Festival in Buchmannhof. Organizer Paul Zauner has once again invited very special guest musicians.

On the festival meadow of about 1.5 hectares and in the concert barn, first-class concerts await again for three days in the splendid setting of the Buchmannhof. Almost 100 people work behind the scenes each weekend at the festival. “Community and togetherness make this festival possible and what makes it special. A great dynamism is created. The festival stands for human and artistic openness and a special quality,” says festival organizer Paul Zauner happily.

See music in color

He says that when choosing bands, he’s very open minded. “As a musician, I travel a lot myself, so I have my contacts. I’m always open to advice.” That’s why he often brings tips from insiders and even lesser-known people to the Innviertel, which is quickly becoming an international star, Samara Joy recalls, for example. For example, who was a guest at the Buchmannhof in 2022 and her face now hangs in New York’s Times Square. When programming, the 63-year-old attaches great importance to the timbre. “I see music in color and I see dynamics of emotion, scale and style alternating.”

From Scandinavia to Africa

About 20 groups can be heard on the three days of the festival, and there is also a program at the “St. Pigs Tavern and Blue Horse Blues Club.”

Exciting this year is the Scandinavia-Africa hub, and most of the invited artists have yet to be heard in Austria. The Austrian Syndicate kicks off this Friday (7 pm), the heart project of David Helbeck who makes music in the spirit of Joe Zawinul with his colleagues. Bringing together eight musicians from all over Scandinavia, Shamania, a women’s orchestra based around the eminent actress Marilyn Mazur, combines African elements with Nordic music. Of course, Chanda Rule with Sweet Emma Jam should not be missing.

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On Saturday, among others, “Nordic Ferry” on saxophone, Mette Henriette, guest, strong female formation is also “notte” from France with flute, harp and drums. Baritone saxophonist Helga Blankensteiner as well as singer Zara McFarlanes can be heard with their rich jazz. Trumpeter Hermon Mahari or saxophonist Zhasu Kole are not to be missed on Sundays. Among the audience’s favorites are performances such as the accordion of Gaucho Renato Borghetti or the trio “Freight Train” with Irish singer Cathy Jordan. The new star at the piano is Joanna Summerer, and new African star Vieux Farka Touré is also coming to the farm.

The program is also for children

Kids don’t miss it either, with “Jumping Jungle” performances and children’s favorite “Brennholz Rocks” concerts. Puppet shows and workshops are sure to be a lot of fun.

Camping around the yard

Free camping is possible around the farm (a ticket is required for the festival). Zunner also takes great care of the food, “everything is freshly cooked, mostly regional and organic”.

All information, program and tickets:; Free admission up to 17 years old, discounted up to 26 years old.