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Internal communication is the best employer branding

Internal communication is the best employer branding

Are you having difficulty finding new talent for your company? you are not alone. IKP’s PR experts explain how employers can communicate credibly and engagingly – even without investing millions in TV advertising. The key is internal before external influence. Because the current team is the most convincing, which is also shown by the current survey conducted by ikp & veicus.

Given the massive employee shortage, companies are investing a lot of money in recruiting advertising and employer branding campaigns – but the talent is still not there. What is often neglected when it comes to external influence is the step before internal communication. This is shown by the results of the survey carried out by IKP in cooperation with VEICUS for Institutional Development among 120 participants in the summer of 2023.

“An exclusive focus on external influence has real consequences for your employer brand. Our black and white study shows that word of mouth is still the most important source of information when it comes to job searching. Your employees are the best ambassadors. “Your employees are the best ambassadors,” explains Martin Dechant, Managing Director of ikp Vorarlberg. This increases the importance of looking inward more and giving internal communications the necessary priority.

You can find more information about survey and PR tips from ikp here!

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