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International Day of Prayer for Invocations | Radio Horeb Life with God…

Dear God, through the word of Jesus let us draw near to you so that we may breathe easy.

Let us hear you so we can live.

Holy God, through the impulses of your Spirit knock on the door of our hearts so that we may open.

Let us hear you so we can live.

O merciful God, through goodness and request, critical word and love for our fellow human beings, show us a deeper meaning.

Let us hear you so we can live.

But the ears of our hearts, which serve as a bridge to you, our neighbors, and ourselves, are often blocked. clogged with platitudes and worries; Disappointments, comfort and lack of confidence.

Open the ears of our hearts.

Because where we listen with confidence, movement and the ability to change are free.

Give us the courage to listen.

Oh, life-giving God, we thank you that people put their lives in your hands.

Strengthen us in asking for your will and surrendering to your guidance.

We thank you that people allowed themselves to be inspired by faith, bear witness to it, and take up a spiritual career.

Place the call of discipleship in them and provide us with witnesses in the service of man.

We thank you that the Church offers fellowship of appreciation in many places and is a treasure trove of your sacraments.

Make our church a home for seekers.

We praise you because you are God who hears.

We commend you because our requests have been touched by you.

We thank you for staying with us on the way to the end of the world.

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