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How to start running correctly

How to start running correctly

OÖ. For novice runners or those who have taken an extended break from running, it is important not to overdo it when starting out. Sports physician Ronald Ecker, co-spokesperson for primary care units of the Upper Austrian Medical Association, offers the best advice.

“Running and walking are the most natural forms of human movement. In this regard, we still function like Stone Age people and were born long-distance runners,” says Ronald Ecker. The Marshrink Sports Doctor is himself an avid runner.

Start slowly

Unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles have changed so much that many people have to learn to walk from scratch or get in shape before they can walk at all. “The critical factor here is: start slow, really slow!” says Doctor Ecker. A leisurely pace has three advantages: First, it prevents injuries and strains. The body can get used to the new strain over a period of weeks. Secondly, you will stay motivated if your run doesn’t become an ordeal. And thirdly, even personally relaxing jogging contributes to the development of the cardiovascular system and muscles.

Start with interval training

“For most people, starting with interval training makes sense. It looks like this: Run for a few minutes—then walking breaks. As the weeks go by, the distances you run increase and the walking decreases,” Ecker says. The first goal could be: I want to go 30 minutes without Interruption.At some point, you can then invest in quality and increase playback speed.Here, too, changes in tempo – based on intervals – make sense.

Associated strength exercises

“I would definitely recommend strength training from the start, whether in the gym or at home. Because strength training reduces the risk of overexertion, it is good for running, promotes good posture and also increases your BMR.” With a higher BMR, We also burn more calories daily.

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