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Investigations against a world famous fashion brand for forced labor

Investigations against a world famous fashion brand for forced labor

In Canada, the Responsible Business Agency (Core) on Tuesday launched an investigation into Ralph Lauren’s Canadian subsidiary over allegations that the fashion company supports Uighurs in forced labor in its supply chains in China. She said she decided “that the complaint against Ralph Lauren warrants an investigation.” Sherry MayerhoferOmbudsman of the supervisory authority.

It relates to a complaint jointly filed by 28 civil society organizations in June 2022. It called for Ralph Lauren to cut ties with three Chinese companies suspected of using forced labor from the Muslim Uighur minority in their supply chains.

Then the American group Ralph Lauren said that its Canadian subsidiary “is not responsible for making the decision” and that all operations will be supervised by the company’s headquarters.

Last month, Core launched similar investigations into Canadian subsidiary Nike and Canadian mining company Dynasty Gold.

The Uighur Defense Project, an Ottawa-based human rights organization, welcomed the investigation. “There is credible evidence that Ralph Lauren has relationships with many Chinese companies that use forced Uyghur labor in their supply chains,” she said.

For years, China has been accused of systematic oppression of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the northwestern province of Xinjiang. Rights groups say more than a million people are being held in camps in the region. Among other things, Beijing is accused of forced sterilization and forced labour.

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