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Investment of millions: This project was gold-plated before its construction was completed

Investment of millions: This project was gold-plated before its construction was completed

The project has been meticulously prepared for years, and construction work has now begun: Porsche Graz Liebenau is expanding its Mobility Center with a complex of more than 2,500 square meters, where Porsche cars will be sold and serviced.

It will be the most modern and sustainable building of the entire Porsche Holding Company – an international flagship project estimated to cost more than 15 million euros and was also admired by State Councilor Barbara Ebbinger-Medel at the groundbreaking ceremony.

“In our nearly 50-year history, there has never been a single greater investment,” says Gerhard Munsberger, Head of All Styria Pia Companies. “This is a commitment to retail on the ground, even as the world becomes increasingly digital.”

The project is supposed to be completed by the end of 2023.

14,000 cubic meters of earth have been excavated so far, the depth is more than seven meters and the building itself is more than eight meters. A large tire depot, underground car parks, and underground showrooms for used cars are planned under the Porsche Center.

However, the core is a revolutionary power generation and supply system, and the project was awarded the Gold Certification for “Sustainable Commercial Buildings” – even before it was completed.

According to Wilhelm Striegel, President of Porsche Real Estate Holding, the building will become a “true green building” – for example with revitalization of the concrete core (storage of heat in summer for winter, etc.). The waste heat from the underground channel is used through a special system.

Monsberger also plans to immediately implement a “stay away from gas strategy” in other Pia buildings (car paint shop, etc): “We will also significantly increase solar systems for this purpose.” “We are not looking at investments, but at the cost of living,” he explains. Münsberger Recently, the gas bill from Porsche Graz Liebenau has quadrupled.

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