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Coffee Day: Eight in ten people drink their coffee to 'go'

Coffee Day: Eight in ten people drink their coffee to ‘go’

October 1st is the official ‘coffee day’. Steroids love the hot drink and often choose to take it with them. Although there are reusable alternatives now, the disposable cup is stubborn. However, the ecological balance of this is poor.

Styria. Whether at home, in a coffee shop or as a companion on the go – coffee is enjoyed in this country The supreme importance. A representative survey of 1,000 Austrians showed that nine out of ten people Drink coffee regularly – 81 percent of them also “go”.

In the coffee chain Graz “Tribeka”, about 40% of the coffee consumed “to go” is purchased – two thirds of it in disposable cup. The third is already using it progress glass is also confirmed upon request. “The glass type is very well received because the deposit system is basically very simple and our guests can return the glasses to any Tribeka – sustainable and eco-friendly,” says the barista happily. Nadia Eder.

cappuccino It is the most common over-the-counter thing in the state capital of Styria, followed by Latte Macchiato And the chai latte.

The aforementioned study initially shows a similar picture: About half of all those surveyed savor hot beverages on the go. This trend applies to all federal states. But coffee satisfies both men and women different needs. Above all, women are warm feeling (20.8%), black gold is mainly consumed by men relaxation (27%).

The environmental impact of disposable cups

In Austria, every day 800,000 disposable cups used. That’s about 84 million disposable cups a year – because they only have an average Lifetime 15 minutes on me. The manufacturer of reusable cups “myCoffeeCup” calculates the annual electricity consumption of more than 9000 households, 160 million liters of water Wood needs about 4,500 trees.

“myCoffeeCup was created to offer all coffee lovers an eco-friendly alternative to short-lived coffee mugs. The sustainable, reusable option gives us all an opportunity to continue enjoying coffee on the go without feeling guilty.”
Christian SchietelFounder

Water temperature, degree of grinding and grain selection: The art of barista has long been advanced into an art form.

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