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Investors Association - Former OMV Chairman does not rest the soul in HV

Investors Association – Former OMV Chairman does not rest the soul in HV

A few days before the upcoming OMV annual meeting (AGM), the Investors Interest Group (IVA) announced that it would refuse to fire the former head of the oil and gas group, Rainer Seele, who resigned last year. The reason given was the “contradictions in the age of the soul” that needed clarification. According to the IVA, new OMV chief Alfred Stern and the supervisory board should be given the opportunity to do so.

“Some of the spirit’s actions have been in the red. Only now you see its scope. Transparency must be ensured here – if necessary through a private test or criminal complaint,” IVA board member Florian Beckermann said in Tuesday’s broadcast.

Contradictions about Head of Compliance

Among other things, the US tax agency cited references to a special multi-million dollar agreement with former OMV compliance chief Robert Eichler, which was said to have taken place without a board and supervisory board. The magazine “Dossier” published the last report on this subject at the end of April. “This is a serious suspicion and needs to be clarified urgently,” Beckerman said. In addition, billions of write-offs of corporate acquisitions, long-term gas supply contracts with Russia and sponsorship of Russian football clubs fell under the Seele administration.

The American Arbitration Panel invites ÖBAG President Edith Halawati to work on clarifying the allegations. Al-Halawati will run for membership in the Supervisory Board in the Ordinary General Assembly. ÖBAG currently owns about a third (31.5 percent) stake in OMV.

OMV AGM takes place on Friday, June 3, starting at 2 p.m. (Abba)

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