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Beta 5 von iOS 15 und iPadOS 15 für Entwickler ist da

iOS 15.0.2 is here: Apple fixes bugs with CarPlay, AirTags, and photo delete error

An apple He has another update for tonight iOS Posted 15. Fixes several issues that could lead to errors with CarPlay, using AirTags as well as deleting photos. The installation is already recommended for all users.

Apple released another update this evening to all iOS 15 users. It fixes a number of issues, some of which were very annoying and could annoy iOS 15 users in daily life.

This included an error that resulted in deleting photos that were already backed up. Another bug affected CarPlay users and another bug caused problems using AirTags and the Where is network.

The update to iOS 15.0.2 brings these bug fixes

Here are the release notes that Apple noticed for the iOS 15.0.2 update:

This update contains bug fixes for you Iphone:

  • Photos backed up from Messages in your library may be deleted after you remove the relevant conversation or message.
  • iPhone leather case connection to MagSafe may fail with “Where?”.
  • AirTags may not appear on the Where? tab for the items.
  • open soundapps Via CarPlay, the connection may fail or drop during playback.
  • Hardware restore or update may fail if Finder or Itunes Can be used with iPhone 13 models.

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