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Iran begins to build a nuclear power plant in the southwest province

In Iran, the construction of a nuclear power plant planned for decades in the southwest has begun. The nuclear director, Mohammad Eslami, accompanied a delegation to the Darshwin site on the border with Iraq, the Iranian news agency ISNA reported today. According to the report, the pressurized water reactor in Khustan Province should generate 300 megawatts.

Darkhowein’s thoughts on the project date back to before the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The construction near the mighty Karun River was announced 14 years ago. In the past, Iran has asked foreign partners to build. Iranian companies will now build the nuclear power plant within eight years. According to ISNA, the costs are equivalent to about two billion dollars.

There has been a dispute over Iran’s nuclear program for years. The Islamic Republic insists on using nuclear energy for civilian purposes only. However, the United States and Israel, among other countries, accuse the country of seeking nuclear weapons. Former US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from an international agreement restricting Iran’s nuclear programme. Recovery negotiations are pending.

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