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Iran is enriching uranium to 60% at another plant

Iran is enriching uranium to 60% at another plant

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The head of Iran’s nuclear program informed the International Atomic Energy Agency about uranium enrichment.

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Dubai, Washington, Tehran Iran has rejected international criticism of enriching uranium at the Fordow underground facility. This is Iran’s right, said the nuclear director, Mohammad Eslami, on Wednesday. He also admitted that this step came in response to a resolution issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency last week. He described it as “baseless” and politically motivated.

Iran said it began enriching uranium to 60 percent at its underground Fordo facility in central Iran on Tuesday, using new, faster IR-6 centrifuges. The 2015 nuclear deal set a cap of 3.67 percent. For nuclear weapons, uranium must be enriched to 90%.

The operation was criticized internationally. A joint statement issued by Germany, France and Britain said there was no “civilian justification” for this expansion. The move carries a “significant risk” of the military use of nuclear technology.

Tehran asserts that the nuclear program is civilian in nature. An Islamist again denied allegations of “secret facilities” in the country. “The International Atomic Energy Agency declares that the cowshed and the scrap metal barn are the sites of a secret nuclear facility,” he said. The background is questions from the International Atomic Energy Agency about radiological effects at three previously undisclosed sites.

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In the resolution, the IAEA’s steering committee accused Iran of a lack of transparency regarding Iran’s nuclear program and indirectly threatened to involve the UN Security Council. A similar resolution was passed in Vienna. Shortly thereafter, Tehran threatened “appropriate countermeasures”.

After the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, Tehran began breaking the agreement’s restrictions and making the IAEA’s controls more difficult.

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