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Iran suspects US and Israel of cyber attack on gas stations

IFor which it directed its political arch-enemies Israel and the United States Cyber ​​attack The nationwide petrol station network was blamed. “Investigations are still ongoing, but we believe that Americans and Zionists (Israelis) are definitely behind this,” said Kolam Reza Jalali, head of the Department of Cyber ​​Security, in a statement issued on Sunday.

The cyber attack on petrol stations’ toll system caused a long queue and chaos in the capital Tehran and other cities on Wednesday. At many petrol stations, Iranians could only refuel with subsidized gasoline without their card, but fuel was then twice as expensive. Iran initially spoke of a “technical flaw”, but later confirmed the cyber attack. Over the past few years, Israel has carried out a number of cyber attacks on the Iranian nuclear network, causing significant financial damage.

In the same context, an Iranian hacker group known as “Gonjeshk’e Darandeh” (“Wild Sparrow” or “Killer Sparrow”) claimed responsibility for the attack. The move comes in the wake of the 2019 riots over rising petrol prices and the protests against the killing and arrest of hundreds of protesters. The group is also believed to have hacked the train network and surveillance cameras at Evin Prison.

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