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Prince William and Kate: Travel to America, haven’t you met Harry yet?

The Royals work for climate protection

With EarthshotPresented for the first time in the presence of Williams and Kate in mid-October, the prize will be awarded annually to five projects that excel in the areas of future conservation, marine conservation, air cleanliness and waste avoidance. And climate protection. The prize money is one million British pounds (approximately 1.2 million euros). This year’s winners include Costa Rica, a Central American country, with its successful reforestation program. Pop star Ed Sheeran and the Coldplay band performed.

William was not the only member of the royal family to find clear words on climate change. Prince Charles, who has long been an advocate for environmental protection, said in a recent post BBCIn the interview, he fully understood that young seasoned enthusiasts are frustrated that nothing has happened. Self Queen Elizabeth II. During the opening ceremony of the Welsh Parliament in Cardiff, he was filmed expressing his anger at politicians who did not speak out about the struggle against climate change. “You talk so annoying, but do nothing,” the Queen said in an interview with a Member of Parliament and daughter-in-law. Camila.

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