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Iran threatens Israel to attack its embassies

Iran threatens Israel to attack its embassies

As of: April 7, 2024 at 5:34 p.m

After the attack on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus, Iran threatens Israel with retaliation. A senior advisor to Supreme Leader Khamenei said that no Israeli embassy anywhere in the world is safe.

Advisor to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned that Israeli embassies around the world could become targets of retaliatory attacks. The former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, General Yahya Rahim Safavi, said, according to what was reported by the official Al-Alam channel, “The (anti-Israel) resistance front is prepared for all possible revenge scenarios and no Israeli embassy around the world is safe from it.” .

For this reason, “Israel closed 27 embassies as of yesterday out of fear,” said Rahim Safavi. He pointed to Israeli representations in Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain and Turkey as examples. After his time in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the 66-year-old no longer has any political influence in the country. However, Iran's conservative media often likes to cite him for his anti-Israel rhetoric.

Rahim Safavi explained that the leadership in Tehran considers the confrontation with Israel a “legitimate and legal right.” The semi-governmental news agency ISNA published a graphic showing nine different types of Iranian missiles, all of which are said to be capable of reaching targets in Israel.

Fears of a counterattack after the attack in Damascus

At least 13 people were killed in air strikes on the consular building in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Monday, including two generals and five officers in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Iran, Syria and Russia accused Israel of responsibility for the attack.

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Since the attack, there have been fears of Iranian retaliation against targets in Israel or its ally, the United States. However, observers consider an Iranian attack on Israeli embassies somewhat unlikely. The government of President Ibrahim Raisi has so far distanced itself from this option. It is likely that there will be an Iranian attack on Israeli or American sites and installations through pro-Iranian militias such as Hezbollah in Lebanon or the Houthis in Yemen.

Israel and the United States of America in Warn

Israel has not yet claimed direct responsibility for the airstrike, but says it is preparing for a possible Iranian response. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that his country is ready for any response. “Whoever harms us or intends to harm us, we will harm him,” he said at a cabinet meeting.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant also believes that the country is ready for any developments in dealing with Iran. According to his ministry, Gallant said after an “operational assessment” with senior army officers, that preparations for any scenario that might arise with Iran have been completed.

Like Israel, the United States is on high alert in the face of Iranian threats. According to an insider, the United States is preparing for possible Iranian retaliation against Israeli or American facilities. The United States is Israel's closest ally, while the Iranian leadership sees both countries as sworn enemies.