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39 of the dead were 53 women

39 of the dead were 53 women

BAccording to new information, most immigrants found dead in an abandoned truck trailer in the United States are women. Mexico’s immigration chief, Francisco Gardoño, said Wednesday in Mexico City that only 12 of the 53 deaths counted since then are men. The body has not yet been identified. It was not clear whether children were among the dead. Gardoño said 27 of the victims were Mexicans, 14 from Honduras, seven from Guatemala and two from El Salvador.

According to local police, a worker discovered the bodies on Monday evening (local time) after hearing a call for help from the trailer. At least 16 survivors became dehydrated and were hospitalized due to heat exhaustion. According to the Texas City Fire Department, the trailer, which was parked in temperatures around 40 degrees on the outskirts of San Antonio, appeared to have no air conditioning or water system. The victims were allegedly smuggled into the United States, and San Antonio is located only about 250 kilometers from the Mexican border.

Three suspects in custody

The Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, commented on the shocking discovery on Wednesday. “It is the deadliest case of migrant smuggling on American soil,” Abbott said, prompting serious allegations against the Democratic president. Joe BidenThe permissive immigration policy is to blame for the disaster.

Abbott called on Biden to make clear that no one can enter the country illegally so that immigrants do not set off. There are legal ways to immigrate. In addition, the US Border Protection Agency must be adequately equipped to be able to do its job.

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fake license plates

The truck passed through two Mexican Immigration Service Customs and Border Protection checkpoints on Monday. The license plates and logos of a Texas company were fake.

The driver said he was a survivor. However, he was identified and – like two other suspects – arrested. Two Mexicans are being investigated. The foreign ministers of Mexico and Guatemala announced that their countries would participate in the investigation.