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Ireland attracts people with an unusual show

Ireland attracts people with an unusual show

the Irish government They thought of something, because they would like to settle on many islands of the country. There are 154 of them. Many of them are remote, a little desolate and above all almost completely deserted. with the projectOur living island“Now the country’s government wants to turn the tide and get people to live on 23 of the 154 islands.

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You might be wondering how they would ask anyone to accept this offer. Quite simply: with money. Interested people can 80,000 euros earn. However, this is not welcome money, but support with which empty and dilapidated houses are restored.

But as always, there is a catch. In order to be able to apply for the money, the interested party must already own a home on one of these islands. However, this was not the end of the circumstances. The home must also have been built prior to 1993 and have been empty for at least two years. In addition, the money paid may only be used for specific things: insulation, structural improvements, and also other renovations such as floor repairs, painting, and the like.

However, the procedure is not new. Such a similar project is called Kuri Kunethi It is already on the mainland. Interested parties receive less money here than in the island project. This is justified with the missing infrastructure of the islands.

The government also hopes that the renovation of homes will improve infrastructure, health care, educational opportunities and internet coverage in the long term.

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