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Climate activists prevent a cruise ship from leaving Rostock

Climate activists prevent a cruise ship from leaving Rostock

In Germany Rostock Warnemünde Climate activists took action against cruise tourism on Saturday. With canoes and rubber boats, they prevented the cruise ship “Aida Diva” from leaving the port for two hours.

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The police removed the blockade by boat, among other things. The group, which calls itself Smash Croissette, criticized the climate damage caused by cruises in a statement. said a spokeswoman for Aida Cruzes German news agencyThe delay could easily be compensated for, also because a day at sea was scheduled for Sunday.

Activists posted pictures on Twitter showing several boats in the immediate vicinity and directly on board the cruise ship. Banners that were attached directly to the ship can also be seen on the waterside. In one of them they demanded: “Saving the sea in the Mediterranean instead of luxury ships in every sea.”

Activists criticize cruise tourism

Rostock Warnemünde is an important cruise port. For the current year, more than 130 early-season ship calls were expected. Cruise line Aida Cruises is also based in Rostock.

In their statement, the activists criticized cruise tourism as harmful to the climate. Technical efforts by the companies haven’t changed that. And they called for other ways for people to recover. Cruise lines must be responsible for, among other things, environmental damage.

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