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Is Elke Heidenreich's criticism justified?

Is Elke Heidenreich’s criticism justified?

After Elke Heidenreich’s criticism of Green Party politician Sarah Lee Heinrich in Marcus Lanz, the excitement was great. An accusation of racism quickly arose. Is criticism of the literary critic justified? Send us your opinion.

Sarah Lee Heinrich, a federal spokeswoman for Green Youth, has openly criticized the white majority community in this country. Elke Heidenrich Then join the conversation Marcus Lanz against 20 years. Heidenrich said of Heinrich that she did not think much and could not express herself well. Pull the old man’s 78-year-old bow over and said that one should return to normal – and thus staying away from it too Jindern As well as allowing the question of a person’s origin.

Since then, there has been a lot of debate online about whether Elke Heidenreich is reactionary and speaking from a privileged perspective. Others find that she has been approached wrongly and that what she says is true. How do you feel about it: is Elke Heidenreich someone from the past or is she being hacked hard?

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