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Why diplomacy has a break nowadays «

Why diplomacy has a break nowadays «

In light of Moscow’s recent escalation in the Ukraine crisis, the White House is not planning a face-to-face meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin at this time. Biden I am generally open to diplomacy and discussions at the highest level. But now, with Putin pushed to invade a sovereign country, is not the time.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin The West has been accused of ignoring Russia’s security interests amid the escalating crisis in Ukraine. “Our country is always open to direct and open dialogue and to the pursuit of diplomatic solutions to the most difficult problems,” Putin said in a video message on Wednesday.

Former President of the United States Donald Trump Meanwhile, he described Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions on Ukraine as “witty” and “cunning”.

Less than 24 hours after the Russian escalation of the Ukraine crisis, the European Union countries reached an agreement Penalties. Germany has announced it will suspend the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline to the Baltic Sea. The United States and Australia also announced new sanctions against Russia. Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau Praises the suspension of Nord Stream 2 and Tokyo Calls for a return to negotiations.

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