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Is Sebastian Kurz going to America? The former president is said to have a new job

Former President Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) is seeking his professional salvation, according to a newspaper report in the United States. According to the “Austria” report, the resigned VP boss recently signed a contract with the private sector in the United States. It should be a company in the field of investment. Kurz wants to travel privately between the United States and Austria in the future.

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Apparently, they will be returning to the United States for a while.

According to the “Kronen Zaitung” report, Kurz will begin his work in early February – “at a global company in Silicon Valley”. The new engagement will also be made public soon. According to eXXpress, Palantir, a data analytics firm, will be Kurz’s future employer. This was first known in connection with the politics of Austria when former SPÖ federal manager Laura Rudas hired the company a few years ago.

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