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Is the health care system short of money?  Austria’s agenda

Is the health care system short of money? Austria’s agenda

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The Austrian healthcare system is not currently in the news. Demographic development is reflected in rising costs, and the trend towards more part-time work does not stop in hospitals either, with patients often waiting months for an important check-up.

Recently, the highest authority warned of a healthcare collapse. More money will be needed to prevent this, Health Minister Johannes Rauch has emphasized for months. This is surprising given that an enormous amount of money is already flowing into the health sector, public health spending has actually exploded in recent years, as the graph from Agenda Austria shows: since 2012, per capita spending on health has risen by 60% Roughly speaking, in comparison to this, inflation more than halved at 26.4 percent in the same period.

If healthcare spending had only increased with the rate of inflation since 2012, we would have reached about €3,700 per person in 2022. Government spending on health now represents 9.3 percent of economic output. Health expenditure in Austria will continue to rise sharply in the coming years as a result of demographic change. “The government must create the necessary fiscal leeway for this,” says Agenda Austria economist Marcel Gutert.

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