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Is this really climate protection?: Not climate friendly

Is this really climate protection?: Not climate friendly

Wind park Pöttelsdorf got 4 new wind turbines…. Deforestation has begun – well, that’s the headlines.

But this has nothing to do with climate protection if you clear forests again and build new concrete blocks instead of building on existing foundations.
Foundation for medium sized wind turbines – ~22m diameter (min 380sqm) sealed usable area. More than 80 tons of steel (170 kg steel / cubic meter of concrete) and more than 1,500 tons of concrete (cement is a real “energy consumer” during production, about 480 tons of CO2 / foundation).
Most old wind turbines cannot be recycled and are usually buried somewhere.
Hazardous materials (radioactive thorium) are also released when mining raw materials such as neodymium for magnets in wind turbines.
In addition to the new locations for wind turbines, new access roads/tracks will also be constructed, which in turn will reduce the area of ​​farmland and/or forests.
Moreover, studies by the Dutch University of Wageningen prove that wind farms also have a negative impact on the local climate – warmer ambient temperatures and drier!

It is questionable whether wind power is really “green”.

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