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Spring cleaning: how to wake the camper from hibernation

Spring cleaning: how to wake the camper from hibernation

Before you go on a trip again with your mobile home or caravan after the winter holidays, there is still plenty of time for you Spring cleaning. The car should not only be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for damage. “One of the most important things is that Gas system check. According to ÖNORM G107, an inspection is required every two years – and this is the responsibility of the vehicle owners,” explains Thomas Mihlmauer, President of the Austrian Camping Club (ÖCC).

This work should be done as part of the spring cleaning.

§57a Evaluation posterCheck the label to make sure you don’t miss the next due date. When traveling abroad, you should pay special attention to the validity of the label to avoid inconveniences. In many countries there are no or shorter tolerance periods. Although it is not legally permitted, there are always problems with the overdraft limit, especially at the Italian, Hungarian, Croatian or Slovenian borders.

seals: “All rubber seals should be checked for function and cleanliness. Wipe dirty seals with water and a lint-free cloth, and leaky and rough areas are best made elastic again with appropriate silicone-based rubber care products,” camping experts advise.

air qualityIt is highly recommended that you check the AC regularly (about every two years). Pollen and cabin filters should be replaced annually.

electricity: Connect the battery, check the voltage and charge if necessary. Electrical systems should be checked inside and out – paying particular attention to lighting systems such as turn signals, brake lights and parking lights.

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attachmentsr: “The freedom of movement of overtaking brakes and cable pulls should be tested, especially in the case of caravans,” says Mehlmauer.

Tires: Check the tire profile, measure the air pressure and correct if necessary. Watch out for damage like cracks.

gas system: In addition to checking the gas system, camper van owners should not forget that gas hoses and pressure regulators must be replaced by a specialized company every ten years.

Liquids: If the line system in the camper has been protected with antifreeze during the winter season, the mixture can be collected in a suitable container and reused. The entire system is then rinsed with appropriate agents – strictly according to the instructions for use. Then open all the valves and drain the system, not forgetting about the boiler.

health checkDo not use vinegar essences to clean the toilet, as it will destroy the seals. Check the function and tightness of the cassette and remove or repair residues or defective seals.

CleaningVehicles that have spent the winter outside in particular should be given a thorough cleaning of the exterior. Strong sunlight can also crack the paint and damage to the paint can lead to rust. “The interior should also be cleaned. You should be careful with dark, wet stains and a mildew smell, because leaks can be a health hazard and should be addressed immediately,” advises the GCC expert.

flew awayBlankets, bedding, and throws can smell bad after several months of storage. Covers should be washed and bedding well ventilated. Odors can also be deposited in curtains and carpets. For a pleasant stay in the camper, these sources of odor should be cleaned every few years.

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In order to make the camper winter as stress-free as possible, you can not plan tasks and tasks all at once, but do them step by step and piece by piece. By the way: not only in the spring, but also during the season, the condition of the car should be regularly checked, both inside and out.