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It covered 56,000 kilometers across the United States in 97 days

E-Auto World record: drove 56,000 kilometers through the USA in 97 days

Author: Sandro Kibar

Long-distance driver Rainer Jeetlow and photographer Derek Collins set a world record by driving the Volkswagen ID4EV in the United States for a total of 97 days.

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John D’Souza, Managing Director Harding Americas (left) and driver Rainer Jeetlow challenge on the topic of long distance driving their ID4 electric vehicles.

(Image: Harding)

56,000 kilometers, 97 days, 208 stops at 48 US states and charging stations. It is the presence of Rainer Jeetlow, Derek Collins and their Volkswagen ID.4EV. Current Guinness World Record for the longest journey with someone Electric vehicle In the same country, it had doubled, according to the Harding Technology Group. VW’s Tier 1 supplier supported both in their plan.

“This record is a testament not only to the reliability of ID4, but also to the actual readiness of the charging infrastructure in the United States,” Zeitlow said of his success. The company’s mission was to demonstrate the tolerance of electric cars.

“One of the biggest hurdles to getting to electric vehicles is that we know there are not enough charging points or that those vehicles are not suitable for long-distance travel,” said John D’Souza, CEO of Harding America.

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