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Winzig / Mandl: “Solving Global Challenges with the United States Together”

European Parliament discusses EU-US economic cooperation – Small: Common standards for global success – Mandl: Fair rules and prudent alliances in technological development

Brussels (OTS) “Unfortunately, the transatlantic relationship has suffered under the past US administration, so it is very important to re-strengthen it. Through the New Trade and Technology Council, we are opening a new chapter in our cooperation with the common democratic values ​​of the United States. We see the United States as a clear ally,” ÖVP MEPs Angelika Winzig and Lukas Mandl say this during today’s full discussion on the recent launch of the Council for Trade and Technology (TTC) between the European Union and the United States.

“If we work together to build compliant international standards, we will increase the chances of the EU and the United States consolidating themselves in the future world competition for good economic growth. We will work together to eliminate semiconductors in a positive way. On management and technology platforms, it is important to prevent misuse and to protect European competitiveness. “The most recent agreement to eliminate mutual penalty tariffs on aluminum and steel shows that relations between Atlantic nations are growing in the right direction. It is important to detect conflicts early and avoid them.”

“In the long run we must focus on strengthening research, development, innovation and productivity within Europe to increase our competitiveness and avoid dependencies, and to ensure that technological power is decisive in liberal, constitutional democracies. That is why we need both reasonable rules and sensible alliances with the United States in technological development.” Mandel, who held talks last week with representatives of universities, think tanks, business and civil society in Washington, DC and Boston, said: Policy and Security Spokesman Mandel concluded. (Enough)

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