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It is said that Donald Trump dreams of returning to his position as President of the United States

It is said that Donald Trump dreams of returning to his position as President of the United States

nAfter 29 days of loss Donald Trump patience. His blog has not grown. Now the section on Trump’s homepage, in which only press releases were distributed, is closed again. Apparently, the former president, who still wields a lot of influence over the Republican Party from his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, has been disappointed by the lack of clicks.

The site was supposed to be its mouthpiece after the world’s most famous Twitter user was banned from the platform and others after his supporters attacked the Capitol in January. Trump recently had nearly 89 million followers on Twitter – and was reportedly upset that his online presence attracted minimal attention compared to its last day, the blog receiving only 1,500 comments or redistributions on Facebook and Twitter.

According to his adviser Jason Miller, he is still a planner for Trump’s larger platform. In March, Miller teased a new social network on Fox News, “the hottest trend” that millions of Trump fans are abandoning on other social media. The discontinued blog was recently announced with a detailed video that advertised it as a “beacon of freedom”. However, the lack of response does not reflect Trump’s popularity among Republican voters — even if it appears to be slipping a bit. In a recent poll conducted by the broadcaster NBC Trump has been less popular with party supporters than the party itself, with 44 percent approval, and his influence among Republicans remains significant.

However, not everyone in Trump’s circle appears to be loyal — some might enjoy sharing with reporters. So impressions leak again and again, casting doubt on the mental health of the former president. Newspapers reported this week that Trump is still obsessed with the idea that he illegally lost last November’s election.

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