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Ban on memorializing the Beijing massacre victims

Ban on memorializing the Beijing massacre victims

In memory of the bloody suppression of the democratic movement on June 4, 1989, this Friday, the massacre victims must be commemorated in silence in China and Hong Kong. While this dark chapter of Chinese history cannot be publicly remembered in the People’s Republic of China, authorities in Hong Kong have banned the annual candle worship for the second year in a row.


An art show in Hong Kong in memory of the Tiananmen Victims

Authorities in China’s Special Administrative Region have cited the epidemic as the cause. But criticism suspects there are political motives behind this. But some activists do not want to be deterred, even though they face imprisonment. With new security laws, the pro-Beijing government has been taking massive action against the democratic opposition for nearly a year. Many have been arrested or are awaiting trial.

32 years ago, several hundred people were killed when the People’s Liberation Army deployed against peaceful protesters around Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The exact number is unknown to this day. Thousands were injured and imprisoned. Even today, the subject remains a taboo in China and is kept secret by the government.

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