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It rains on Friday in Suzuka

It rains on Friday in Suzuka

06:27 AM

Vettel: Maybe the weather will help…

Speaking of the four-time world champion, under normal circumstances it would be difficult for him to achieve the highest score in his last Suzuka race this weekend. “It will be difficult,” he asserts himself on the “Sky” show.

“I don’t know what the weather does, maybe it will help us a little and wash us a little when it rains,” he hopes, explaining, “We will try everything and I will definitely enjoy the time.”

“If it works with points, then it is [es] Good,” he explains. But how high is the chance of rain tomorrow and especially on Sunday? You can find out in our big weather forecast for the entire weekend!

6:48 am

Red Bull cashing out because of the budget cap?

At least that’s what Aston Martin boss Mike Crack could imagine. It is also suspected that his team exceeded the cost cap last year. “They are rumours,” he explains on Sky.

“We were as surprised as no one else by these rumors,” he asserts and explains: “Of course it was annoying that something like this happened in Singapore on Friday, because mistakes happen quickly and it’s easy to get distracted.”

However, this was “less with us than it was with Red Bull”. Crack recalls: “With Max, there was one or the other problem with not enough gasoline [im Qualifying]. These are all issues that affect people.”

He also doesn’t understand why these things are published at all, “because they are about top secret stories,” he recalls. So it stays exciting – at least once until Monday…

06:36 AM

Updates in Suzuka

As it is every Friday, here is a list of all the promotions this weekend. Only five teams have something this time, so the list is completely manageable.

The most exciting thing is definitely the new Ferrari undercarriage, which we talked about yesterday. Mercedes and Red Bull did not bring any new spare parts.

06:20 AM

special helmet

We’ve already seen some special helmets this weekend. Of course, Sebastian Vettel came up with something again. It thanks Japanese helmet company Arai with Suzuka’s design.

Vettel has been riding Arai helmets since he was eight in 1995, and he built his design on the box his helmet always comes with. Once again a great idea with a lot of beautiful details!

06:09 AM

Schumacher crash!

You don’t see it too often: Schumacher crashes after the end of FT1 turn 8! Hydroslide is reported. The team now has some work to do up to FT2, because that was a slightly heavier crash…

06:01 AM

FT1: Closing time!

The session ended, as expected, there were no faster times at the end. Some cars are back on track again, but we haven’t seen any improvements.

So the best time goes to Alonso before Sainz, Leclerc and Ocon. All of them are pretty much worthless, of course. Let’s see how it will look next in FT2. It is due two hours later at 8:00.

First, as usual, an overview of the FT1:



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5:50 am

FT1: Final Stage

Catch the rain again. Prior to that, Alonso moved into P1 on a 1:42.248 scale. Russell is now driving too – or he’s driving, because it’s raining so hard again, all 20 drivers are currently in the pits.

Previously, we also saw many riders off the track. There are no major accidents, but the risk now seems too great for the teams. Play the last ten minutes.

Call all current information in the live session bar!

5:37 AM

FT1: Latifi next to the track

With the exception of Russell, all drivers have now been on the track at least once. After changing the engine, the car is still running. Meanwhile, Latifi descends a sharp turn off the track, but is able to continue.

Early pilots are now also turning to intermediate aircraft. Verstappen took the lead in the same tires with 1:44.059.

Call all current information in the live session bar!

5:20 am

FT1: First time

More and more drivers are now daring to take to the track – at least for a lap. Schumacher’s first time comes in with 1:50.343, while Leclerc leads with 1:48.104 ahead of Sainz.

For comparison: in 2019, when Suzuka was driven for the last time, Vettel secured first place in 1:27,064 – at the time he was still with Ferrari. Thirteen of the 20 drivers have been on the track so far.

Call all current information in the live session bar!

5:08 AM

FT1: Cars are on the right track!

Things went faster than expected. Magnussen and local hero Tsunoda are on the way. Domestic Japanese fans in particular are delighted! Both slip around the track on fully rainy tyres.

Meanwhile, Sky reports an oil leak from Russell’s engine in the morning. But don’t worry: it was an old engine and only got a new one in Singapore.

So there is no punishment for him. Meanwhile, Tsunoda returns to the pits. short fun.

Call all current information in the live session bar!

5:02 AM

FT1: rain

The session is edited, but at first no one is driving. It’s raining in Suzuka. In theory, teams should lead, but no one wants that at the moment. The risk is probably too great in wet places.

Especially since conditions are supposed to be very bad today. So you can’t learn much for the rest of the weekend. Let’s see when the first driver will hit the track here.

Call all current information in the live session bar!

4:57 am

FT1: Open the session indicator now!

Even in the early morning, nothing changes in our schedule: here at this point you will find the most important information, photos and sounds during FT1. As always, you can get the full coverage in our session tape with Stefan Ehlen.

It is better to let both indicators run in parallel. And if you want to know how to watch the live broadcast of Formula 1 in Japan, you can find out here!

4:55 am

Wake up!

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our Formula 1 live tape. The clocks are ticking a little differently this weekend, and we’ve already started our ticker, because the first training session is scheduled for Suzuka in just a few minutes!

Robin Zimmermann It accompanies you in this phase again during the day. If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, you can use our contact form. You can also find us at FacebookAnd the TwitterAnd the Instagram And the YoutubeAnd, if you have any questions, you can also use the Twitter hashtag #FragMST. here we are!

Here you can read our live tape from Thursday again!

PHOTOS: F1: 2022 Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka)

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