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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Musik & Party) von Devolver Digital

It will be free to play on June 21st; Free on Switch and Xbox

Lord Helmchen wrote in

Oh yeah, thanks Epic, you’re finally ruining this game you got. Psyonix with Rocket League and more recently Harmonix with Fuser is not enough, which after a year after release no longer gets any updates or DLC because it is not profitable. And now what I predicted from the start is happening: Fall Guys gets the Rocket League treatment. Free 2 Play, original version buyers get “old items” and the rest are overpriced for real money. When I read “The first season pass will be free to buyers,” it makes me guess that the cost of a season pass. In other words, all items that you previously could have earned up to level 50 are now available for money only and some of them are free. So stop your rocket pass nonsense. XP has been closed after the last update. You play a turn 5-7 minutes and at the end you don’t even get 1/4 of a level. Shouldn’t the stupid dumb player really notice that? Obligating an Epic account was already the highlight, but now F2P and season tickets?
Please Epic, stick to creating graphical engines, you can do that, but you’re just cracking games. If you want to tell me something about the amazing success of Fortnite, you can go elsewhere. Even this game should be completely different and is now 20 F2P? Fashion for all kids with Marvel heroes. It was the only success, the whole Epic Launcher thing was crap anyway.