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Italian election favorite Giorgia Meloni hopes for an early victory...

Italian election favorite Giorgia Meloni hopes for an early victory…

According to opinion polls, after Sunday’s election, Meloni’s nationalist party may emerge as the largest single party. Social Democrats criticize anti-European undertones.

Favorite in Italy Georgia Meloni She hopes for the electoral victory of her right-wing party “Fratelli d’Italia” (Brothers of Italy/FdI) – and upholds Spanish legal force vox. Four days before the parliamentary elections in Italy, it stirs controversy in Italy.

“I hope that the Italian center-right government, led by Fratelli d’Italia, will win the elections and that this will be vox “It could also pave the way in Spain,” Meloni said in an interview with the Spanish news agency IFI.

Meloni replied when EFE asked her about the relationship between her party and vox and whether it received support from Spain during the campaign.

I got a long phone call with (vox-Boss) Santiago Abascal, as is often the case. We are committed to mutual respect, friendship and loyalty. We are glad that he is in Italy the left vox Used to attack Fratelli d’Italia and in Spain Fratelli d’Italia used to vox To the attack, the FdI chief added, “We’re probably not the monsters they’re talking about.”

“Anti-European Tones”

Italian Social Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta has criticized the fact that Meloni made a strong anti-European rhetoric in the last few days of the election campaign. Meloni has shown how to really think in the last few days. She stands for (Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor) Orbán, she supports vox And unexpectedly hit anti-European tones.”

“The intolerance of the Meloni party towards Europe and Italy’s historical alliances in Europe is a confirmation of the disintegration planned by the Italian right. It seems to me that the far-right nationalist mask of the Italian movement has now fallen off,” said Socialist MP Francesco Boccia.

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And according to opinion polls, Meloni’s party could emerge from Sunday’s election as the largest single party. Fratelli d’Italia is in alliance with the Lega of former Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini and Forza Italy Written by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.