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Suspected fraud: Trump indicted by New York judiciary

Suspected fraud: Trump indicted by New York judiciary

suspected of fraud

New York state attorneys have filed a civil lawsuit against former US President Donald Trump for fraud. New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Wednesday that charges will be brought against Trump’s corporation and his sons Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka.

James told a news conference that Trump broke the law “to make profits for himself, his family and his company.” According to the allegations, the defendants are said to have increased or decreased their financial resources depending on their needs, for example to make it easier to get loans or to pay lower taxes.

It says it is seeking fines totaling $250 million. In addition, Trump and his sons Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric should be permanently banned from running companies based in New York state. Trump and his holding company, The Trump Organization, must also be barred from acquiring real estate in New York state for five years.

Investigations over three years

James has led civil investigations into the Trump corporation’s empire for more than three years and spoke to 65 witnesses to the prosecution, reports Wednesday. It also evaluated “millions of documents”. Trump’s company denies the allegations. James had wanted to question the former president under oath in early August, but he refused.

AFP/Brittini Newman

New York Attorney General Letitia James at a press conference on Wednesday

Trump names ‘witch hunt’ site

Trump again denied the allegations, calling them a politically motivated “witch hunt.” The New York attorney general called James a “racist” in a message on his Truth Social. In the United States, prosecutors usually belong to a party and are elected by the people in many states. James is a member of the Democratic Party and works for the New York state government.

There are allegations against the 76-year-old in many cases. Among other things, the FBI is said to have secured classified and classified documents on the Trump Mar-a-Lago estate. In Georgia, he is said to have illegally lobbied the Election Commission to show him additional votes in the 2020 election.

Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Donald Trump

AFP / Evan Fauci

Trump with his sons Eric and Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka (from left to right) – charges are brought against everyone

Additionally, a commission of inquiry is looking into his role in the January 6, 2021 Capitol storming and could end up recommending his prosecution.

Trump has regularly hinted that he will run for president again in 2024, but he hasn’t officially announced it yet. Experts are of the opinion that an often multi-year measure with opportunities for review and renegotiation before the elections in November 2024 is unlikely to lead to a conviction.

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