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Italian Prime Minister Draghi is heading for the highest office

Italian Prime Minister Draghi is heading for the highest office

“Lack of respect”

Until recently, Draghi responded bluntly when asked if he envisioned becoming Mattarella’s successor. He said he felt this question was disrespectful to the head of state. But it looked very different on Wednesday during a press conference. Some of the phrases made people stand up and pay attention.

When asked what he intends to do now, he answered this time: “My personal career does not matter here at all. I have no special aspirations, I am just a man who has served the country.”

The answer that worries some.

Starting with Silvio Berlusconi, who himself wants to become head of state. The former prime minister swore the center-right coalition to nominate him and embarrassed them. Because neither Lega nationalist President Matteo Salvini nor even Georgia Meloni, head of the right-wing Fratelli d’Italia party, are excited about the idea.

In Italy, the head of state is elected by both chambers with 58 representatives from the regions. A majority of three-fourths of the first three ballots is required, followed by an absolute majority.

This time, the center-right has enough votes to be decisive in the election. Meloni and Salvini don’t like to risk that advance with the 85-year-old Cavalier, who is in poor health. But they fear that Berlusconi will retaliate, for example by ordering members of parliament to support a candidate from the center-left camp.

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