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ITAM and ITSM often match poorly according to study

ITAM and ITSM often match poorly according to study

According to a study by IT company Ivanti, many companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) still face significant issues with their IT organizations. 1,600 IT professionals worldwide were surveyed for the study.

Survey respondents see deficiencies in the coordination of business processes in IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) as the main problem. The result for many companies means that the efficiency of the IT department as a whole drops dramatically.

IT Service Management (ITSM) It is the sum total of all measures and methods that should be avoided in order to ensure the best possible business process (GP) support by an IT organisation. In information technology (IT), ITSM is available to move into more customer and service orientation. ITSM focuses on monitoring business services, i.e., IT services that are visible to the customer. This constantly improves the efficiency, quality and profitability of the IT organization of the respective company in order to increase the added value for the customer.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) The strategic management of all hardware and software is called a company throughout its life cycle. Thus the objective of ITAM is to maximize business value. ITAM, sometimes referred to as “IT Inventory Management,” is responsible for inventory and financing as well as contracts, licensing, and risk management.

IT Resource Inventory

According to Evante, most companies suffer from weaknesses in inventory and IT resource management. Nearly half of respondents (43%) still manage their IT assets using a spreadsheet rather than a private spreadsheet. IT Asset Management Program to use. Additionally, many managers (56%) of their IT assets are not fully managed over a lifetime. Above all, this means that hardware and software that is no longer actually needed have not been removed, which causes more costs and presents security risks.

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These: Evante

Old IT assets cost labor

Although there are deficiencies in IT asset management in many organizations, more than a quarter (28%) of respondents spend several hours a week doing so. Only a small percentage (17%) has fully automated management of IT assets through the use of appropriate software, and thus can access an always-up-to-date database without any effort.

These: Evante

According to the study data, there is another “waste of time” dealing with IT assets that have expired or are no longer supported by the manufacturer. In a fifth (20%) companies, due to inadequate management of IT assets, administrators do not even know the hardware and software that has already exceeded the planned life. In contrast, only a small percentage (20%) of companies don’t spend any time supporting legacy IT assets.

Products within the warranty period

In addition to products that have already exceeded the warranty or support period, in case of insufficient management of IT assets, products within the warranty period also cause more work than necessary. For the majority (50%) of survey respondents, work on products was carried out during the warranty period that the manufacturer or service partner would have to take over already because officials do not have information about them.

The study points to the reason for this: managing purchase data, warranty agreements, and service contracts is virtually impossible without professional IT asset management. However, less than half of survey respondents (39%) include data in their IT asset management programs. In other companies, this information is only partial (42%) or not at all (19%) before. Accordingly, nearly two-thirds of IT departments are missing essential information in inventory management.

Integration of ITSM and ITAM Operations

“Our study shows that asset management can still be significantly improved. By the time IT teams begin to better track their inventory, collaborate with other teams, and understand the benefits of combining asset operations,” said Ian Aitchison, senior product manager at Ivanti, Ivanti and service, they waste time and generate unnecessary costs.According to Aitchison, the central problem is that in most companies, individual departments or teams do not have all the data they need to effectively manage and optimize all of their IT resources and services.

Survey respondents cited a better combination of ITSM and ITAM processes, which should lead to increased visibility of IT resources (63%) and increased productivity of IT staff (59%) as a central solution to this problem. ) that the cost of IT resources is declining (54%) and service delivery is improving (53%).

These: Evante

“If ITSM and ITAM are closely coordinated and integrated, many processes are more automated and efficient, and IT becomes more responsive. In short: fewer things escape the network. IT teams gain more knowledge and position themselves more strongly within the company by transitioning From a reactive way of working to more proactive practices. You can do this with higher service levels and increased efficiency at lower costs,” explains Aitchison.