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It's a shame – narrow defeat in Linz!  – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

It's a shame – narrow defeat in Linz! – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

Adler's side temporarily had a 0-1 lead, but eventually had to accept a very narrow 2-1 defeat to Blackwings Lanes.

Adler, who had four injured players – Benjamin Lanzinger, Maxi Rebernig, Arturs Kolda and Marco Richter – started well and also had his first good chances of the match. The pace of the match accelerated from one minute to the next, amid exciting scenes from both sides. For example, new acquisition Ethan Kapp finished twice, but Linz goalkeeper Rasmus Tyronen was there. On the other hand, Brodie Stewart had a good chance, but also found a match in VSV goalkeeper JP Lamoureux. After that, the “Eagle” survived two superior matches, and after 20 minutes it remained in a goalless draw.

In the middle period, the Blue White took a deep breath: Johnny Hughes, who had to go to the locker room early due to an injury in the first third, returned to the ice. Nothing has changed in the exciting characteristics of the match. Both teams acted somewhat cautiously, primarily trying to defend well and not concede a goal. Until the 24th minute: Villach cheered – Kevin Hancock went one-on-one, his shot fell on the crossbar, but John Hughes pushed the rebound over the goal line for a 0-1 lead. Linz goalkeeper Rasmus Tyronen had no chance. Linz tried to fight back and had some good scoring chances towards the end of the middle third, but JP Lamoureux in the VSV goal kept coming to the rescue with great saves.

In the last period there was a cold shower on the “Eagles” from the beginning: a shot from Logan Rowe from the blue line found its way into the Villach goal to tie the score 1-1. JP Lamoureux's view is withheld. The home team then pushed hard for the lead. But the Eagles also accepted the fight and threw themselves into the shot. But in the 54th minute the locals celebrated: Saint Amant scored the winning goal to make it 2-1. Then the “Eagles” risked everything, even taking goalkeeper Lamoureux off the ice in the last minutes in favor of a sixth skater, but the equalizer was no longer possible.

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Blackwings Lens – EC iDM VSV 2:1 heat pumps

Goal: Roux (43rd), Saint-Amant (55th); Hughes (24)