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The martial artist argued with the opposing team

The martial artist argued with the opposing team

The argument between the boxer, the opposing support team and several other people involved was finally broken up by the police.

In a Boxing event In Vienna-Danube City A quarrel occurred shortly after midnight on Sunday Several dozen people Should have been involved.

as State Police Directorate It was announced that the disturbance was caused by a 31-year-old martial artist getting into an argument with the opposing support team after the final round.

Many police forces ended the confrontation. injured According to the current situation no one.

According to police, the altercation between the boxer and the opponent's support team escalated after the 40-year-old trainer tried to attack the 31-year-old boxer with a punch.

Due to the ensuing altercation with several people involved, the Vienna Police Inspection Service on site requested support. This enabled the argument to end and the event to end appropriately.

40 year old because suspicion the Attempted physical harm has been reported. The fight also remains under investigation.

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