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“It’s hard work”: Kretschmann on his way to America – dpa

“It’s hard work”: Kretschmann on his way to America – dpa

MAmong a large group is the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann Took a week-long trip to America. There, the Green politician wants to make connections to Pittsburgh and California for five days in the Southwest. This is the government’s first major overseas trip since 2018. Topics covered include artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and the future of healthcare. The scheme is very full for 74-year-olds. “It’s hard work,” Kretschmann told the German press at Frankfurt Airport shortly before departure – when asked if he was looking forward to the trip.

On Tuesday, Kretschmann plans to attend federal and state consultations with the president via video link from the US Olaf Scholes (SPD) participates. Scholz had postponed a meeting with prime ministers at short notice until next Tuesday. Kretschmann almost canceled participation in the American tour. Negotiations with the central government are very important to him – for weeks he has been demanding more financial support from the central government, for example for local transport.

Kretschmann plans to visit Pittsburgh, Sacramento and Los Angeles by Oct. 8. 2018 also saw his last big trip America, to California. He is accompanied by 104 people, company bosses, professors, Finance Minister Daniel Bias, Transport Minister Winfried Herrmann (both Greens) and Economy Minister Nicole Hofmeister-Kradt (CDU).

According to the State Department, the United States is the country’s most important trading partner. More than a quarter of Baden-Württemberg’s direct investments go to the United States (around 80 billion euros in 2018). Southwest also has nearly 280 American companies. Also, the state government counts 685 university collaborations between Southwest and the state. Kretschmann wants to expand on this and present Baden-Württemberg as a strong place for business and science.

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