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James Webb portrays star behavior like never before

James Webb portrays star behavior like never before

the James Webb Space Telescope An amazing photo of the Serpent Nebula was taken. fog in Constellation SerpentMore precisely the snake's tail (tail) is about 1300 light years away from the ground.

In the picture there is something called “Primary stellar outflowsTo see. They form when jets of gas from newborn stars collide with other gas and dust at high speeds.

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Like freezing rain during a storm

The special thing about this image is that all the protostars are streaming outward The same tendency to have. NASA compares this to one rain showersThat rains during a storm. Their orientation is usually different, he says in a statement.

The recording confirms the old assumption: if Cosmic clouds collapse As new stars are formed, they tend to move to… same direction To rotate. “However, this has never been observed directly before. These elongated, aligned structures are a historical record of how stars are born,” explains the lead scientist. Klaus Pontoppidan From the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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During star formation, two jets are ejected perpendicularly onto the disk of matter

The magnetic field ensures the flow of materials

When a gas cloud collapses and forms a new star, it accelerates rotation. This creates one Tablet material About the newborn star. The material is carried spirally toward the star, like a water drain.

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There is in the inner part magnetic fieldwhich is part of the matter 2 jet streams He throws them in two opposite directions perpendicular to the disc. You can see these in the picture Red lines.

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At least you can see 20 newborn stars With primary stellar outflows. According to NASA, this is likely to happen 200 to 1400 years I started. 12 Which has the same tendency. The researchers assume that they are in Same gas layer It has formed a single border Strong magnetic field known as This should also be responsible for aligning the planes.

A phenomenon we had not noticed before

This effect is likely to occur over time Weaker Become. The reason for this is the interaction of stars with other objects or stars The effect of tilt angle by The axis of rotation Move around by rotating. Astronomers suspect that this is the reason why this phenomenon was not observed before.

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The region is now being studied further to learn more about how stars form. In the next step, Webb telescope near infrared spectrometer (NIRSpec) the chemical composition Star formation site. The results of current research can It can be read in the relevant study (PDF).

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