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Jamie Chadwick's first win in America

Jamie Chadwick's first win in America

( – Jamie Chadwick has achieved his biggest race win to date in America. The Brit won the Indy NXT race in the Indy Car Junior Series at Elkhart Lake Road USA. She is the third woman to win the race in the series.

Jamie Chadwick became the first woman to win a circuit in Indy NXT

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Brazil's Ana Beatriz won at Nashville Speedway in 2008 and at Iowa in 2009. British Pippa Mann won at Kentucky Speedway in 2010. These are all oval courses, and Chadwick has now won a circuit.

Chadwick is in his second season competing in Indy NXT with the Andretti team. In May he completed his first podium finish with a third place finish on the infield course at Indianapolis. Rode, now 26, took his first pole position in America and drove to victory.

“I'm at a loss for words,” says Chadwick. “Honestly, I'm a little emotional. We had an incredible car this year, but couldn't do anything. I'm really glad we pulled it off.”

“I really wanted to win today and I'm very grateful to the Andretti guys. Honestly, it's been a tough year. They've helped me a lot, so I dedicate this win to them.” He won just ahead of his teammate Lewis Foster.

Chadwick had to defend on several restarts. At the start, Jacob Abel (Abel Motorsports) moved from fourth to second and immediately put pressure on Chadwick. But she managed to stay in the lead despite two safety car phases in the first half of the race.

On lap 13, Foster passed Abel in Turn 1, increasing Chadwick's lead to over a second. Foster quickly caught up and attacked in the 13th, but Chadwick successfully pulled off the maneuver.

So Abel intervened again. The fight between Foster and Abel again gave Chadwick some air. On lap 15 there was a crash between Miles Rowe (HMD) and Jordan Missing (Abel Motorsports). He raised the red flag.

The race was restarted in two laps. “When the red flag came up, I thought, come on,” Chadwick said. “The tires started to wear a little bit, so I knew I had to be aggressive. I really wanted to win.” That worked too.

After the restart, he built a seven-tenths of a second lead into the final lap and drove to the finish line without making any mistakes. After six races this season, Chadwick is ninth in the championship. He continues to be part of Formula 1 team Williams' driving academy.