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Is America's Craze Over?  Prince Harry wants to live in London

Is America's Craze Over? Prince Harry wants to live in London

It's still better at home – and Prince Harry (39) is getting more and more excited about this idea. The son of Britain's estranged King Charles, 75, has long been rumored to be longing to return to Great Britain. According to expert Tom Quinn, these thoughts are becoming more and more convincing to him. “As time passes, Harry misses certain aspects of his old life in England. The honeymoon, when everything is new and exciting in America, inevitably comes to an end and Harry looks back on the past through rose-colored glasses. .”Opposite journalist explains Glass. That's why the father of two is looking more and more aggressively for a place to live permanently in London.

After all, the Duke of Sussex is said to miss his social environment. Tom says Eden and his friends from his army days haven't seen him once because of differences with his wife Megan, 42. This is also why Harry is not giving up his fight for safety on British soil: “Harry is determined to find his own permanent home in the UK, which is why he is continuing his legal action to ensure British taxpayers pay for his protection.” After all, the 39-year-old has won a small victory in his legal battle for more protection: after the court actually decided to deny him police protection, he can now appeal.

Until their final departure from Great Britain, Meghan and Harry lived in Frogmore Cottage – a small house given to them by Queen Elizabeth (✝96). They paid for the renovations themselves after paying back the taxes they used earlier. Last year, Harry's father Charles made a drastic decision and kicked them both out of their British apartment once and for all. Since then they have had no base in London. When Harry came home due to duties, he usually slept in the hotel.

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