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Heinley coach Ryde: 'intensive' fire baptism against Klagenfurt - football

Heinley coach Ryde: ‘intensive’ fire baptism against Klagenfurt – football

Christian Heinel, suddenly head coach (Here’s the story >>>)!

In the first scheduled match in the tenth round, the premiere finally saw a 1-1 draw in the first leg against Austria Klagenfurt (Match Report >>>), which means you’re still in fourth place.

The tension of the interim coach who will replace patient Andreas Herraf in the coming days and weeks has been limited. “It was a very positive tension, after all, I was head coach for a few years, even if I was in the House. No doubt, in the Bundesliga on the line with a lot of spectators, there is something different. But the last time when the match started, I was I’m totally focused on the match inside,” Heinel admits at Sky.

He describes his first 90 minutes as the person primarily responsible on the sidelines as “extremely intense”. In his opinion, there could have been more in the duel with the newcomer. “It was a great match with two different faces. We played a great first half for us and I saw the penalty scene on Chebbi again and I think that had to be clarified. We also had those great chances, the match has to be decided already. In the first half.”

But things went differently as Klagenfurt turned and led Rieder to the brink of defeat in the second round. “In the end you have to be happy with that point.”

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Heinle has a lot of work to do in terms of stability

In the end, Heinley was also able to thank goalkeeper Samuel Shaheen Radlinger, who held one point with the best balls in the pressure period on Carinthians.

It was no surprise to Red’s interim coach that Klagenfurt was able to improve after a rather poor first half and finally turned into a hot dance. “Klagenfurt is not third for nothing. You can see what quality they have and how they got into the game.”

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Above all, compactness was chosen as a point of criticism. In the past half hour, no more solutions were found and they are back to the old patterns. “Andy, the coaching staff, we’re going to be working on that for the next few weeks,” Heinl reveals. However, in his opinion, it would not have gone this far if they had made the goal 2-0.

The team praised the replacement of Harf. A sociable man who subordinates everything to success with the team.

“He will annoy Hraf as little as possible.”

The club has expressed its full confidence in the 36-year-old UEFA A. license holder. Shortly after the match, there was no contact with Herav.

“I have to admit, I haven’t seen my cell phone yet. Andy and I spoke again at the beginning of the week when he said he needed a break. It has since been clarified that there is no longer any,” says Heinel.

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“We all want it to go well in the weeks when he’s not there. He shouldn’t worry about anything and be in great shape again when he comes back. I will disturb him as little as possible, and that includes him the club clearly agreed.”

Comparisons with Hraf are tricky, including what the former president would have done differently. “I’ve been allowed to be with Andi for the past few weeks and months and decisions and changes have always been closely discussed. If we had made it 2-0, I would have known what he would have done. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.”, Heinle is ambiguous.

Big challenges for Heinel

Hraf could have done more with a confident defender, but after the 1-1 draw the plan was thrown a bit over the top anyway.

After the international break, there are definitely big tasks ahead of Heinle. Not only is Sturm Graz waiting twice, but Salzburg is also far away. The new strongman has accepted his position and is looking forward to challenges.

“The draw is very difficult. We will make sure that we do better in all phases of the game, from practice to practice.” So he can get Reid back to Hraf perhaps better.