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Jan Baumermann and Uli Schultz commentating on the Eurovision Song Contest on FM4

Jan Baumermann and Uli Schultz commentating on the Eurovision Song Contest on FM4

What belongs together finally unites! For the first time, comedian Jan Boehmermann and musician Uli Schulze will host the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on FM4 on 13 May 2023 – live from Liverpool.

Written by Alex Wagner

The Eurovision Song Contest has a long history on FM4. Early in 1995, a few weeks after the station started, FM4 comedians Dirk Stermann and Christoph Grismann commentated on the Eurovision Song Contest in their usual fashion for the first time – thus generating a media buzz that far exceeded the station’s confines. Dozens of listeners wondered if the two would return at the beginning of the following year.

Eurovision Song Contest final on 13 May 2023 with Jan Boehmermann and Uli Schultz. Live from Liverpool. from 9 p.m. on FM4 Radio and in the video stream at

Stearman and Grissman ran ESC for FM4 a total of nine times before focusing on ORF’s late-night TV show. In 2022, after a break of several years, Hannes Duscher and Roli Gratzer have taken over and breathed new life into cherished traditions with their show “Melodien aus Turin”. But everything is different this year.

The largest FM4 campaign in the station’s history

For the first time, Radio FM4 will be present live to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest. And for the first time, Jan Baumermann and Uli Schultz comment directly on the ESC of FM4.

“Of course, these are huge, smelly shoes that we have to wear, but we’ll try to bring our own color into them.”

“I’ve often worked with FM4, and FM4 is a station that has always been kind to me as a musician,” Olli Scholz says of the connection to FM4. Jan Baumermann adds: “It’s about culture, music and cosmopolitan understanding. Of course it’s also about the fact that we want to give something back to Austria.”

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FM4 broadcaster Dudo Rošić is pleased: “The good old FM4 tradition ‘Song Contest, but in a good way’ has been elevated this year by Jan Böhmermann and Uli Schulze to a level that neither we nor the Song Contest thought possible.”

Joseph Strauch

For several months, Jan Boehmermann and Uli Scholz have been speaking on their hit Spotify podcast “Fest & Flauschig” about their desire to comment live on the Eurovision Song Contest. “We are not here only to promote and highlight Austria, but also to insult all other European countries, especially Germany,” Jan Boehmermann says in an interview on FM4.

“You really make our lifelong dream come true by letting us do this!”

The two will commentate on the Eurovision Song Contest final on 13 May 2023 in Liverpool. Live from 9pm on Radio FM4 and in video stream at

Jan Boehmerman He is known as a satirical writer and late-night host. Since 2020, he has been managing “ZDF Royal Magazine“And he and his team devote themselves to investigative topics like the NSU files, lax online police investigations and tabloid journalism methods. With him.”sermon sermonHe almost raised the issue of a German state through Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Ole Schulz He is a German singer, songwriter, actor and presenter. He is a regular guest on German TV shows (“Who Steals the Show From Me”, “Halle-Ghali Circus”, “Sesame Street”). Together with Jan Boehmermann, he publishes the podcast “Fest & Flauschig” twice a week, which is one of the most popular German-language podcasts on Spotify.

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