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Product success story –

Product success story –

“People with History (History)”

Music producer and musician Thomas Pronai from Oslip is a true force on the local music scene. Among others, he worked with Mörbisch’s successful Burgenland band Cari Cari early in their career.

Chart topper Cari Cari recorded her first extended play record at Thomas Pronais’ recording studio at Cselley Mill in Oslip. “In the past few years, I have had the privilege of helping many artists and bands like Tanz Baby and Kari Kari launch their careers and take their first steps,” says Thomas Brunei.

“You can feel if success is coming”

Morbish duo Carrie Carey, Stephanie Widmer and Alexander Cook are represented at the Anniversary Show at Schlenning Castle. In the Culture Room, you can find the stringing drumbeats of internationally successful musicians. In Thomas Brunis’ recording studio at Cselley Mühle in Oslip, Cari Cari, Stefanie Widmer and Alexander Köck drummed and jammed from the start.

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Thomas Brunei produced the songs with Carey Carey


Eardrums Carey Carey at the Anniversary Show


Thomas Pronai has been producing music since the 1990s


Still works with tapes

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“People with a history (date)”, 10 April 2023, ORF 2 Burgenland

When you record bands, you can see if more is possible, and with Cari Cari, you can feel that right from the start, says Pronai. The authentic musician has also been working as a music producer since the 1990s. “I started with the first band in the 90s. We started recording demos ourselves and that’s when I discovered the fun of working in a mixer and started experimenting with different things at home,” says the producer.

Musician and producer Thomas Brunei

To this day, Thomas Pronai likes to work similarly with a tape machine. His customers appreciate the pure sound of his products. Meanwhile, another indie rock export from Burgenland, Kari Kari, moved on. Tom Brunei gladly takes care of them. “It’s really cool what they’ve come up with,” Brunei says.

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