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Japan Post releases new Pokemon Stamps

Pokémon Cards are just a chapter from the wide franchise, but they are still very popular. The arcade game developed into an international success Special cards Trade them at unbelievable rates.

Especially recently, maps have seen new heights around the world. The Japanese Post would like to celebrate this with a new commemorative release of Pokémon stamps, whose designs are based on representations of trading cards.

Japan Post honors Pokemon Trading Cards

The vast collection contains a wide range of new stamps. There are three new designs for the 84 Yen stamps, with a focus on the popular Pokemon Besaflur, Charizard and Tortok from the first game. The offers are based directly on the trading cards of the first generation.

Pikachu and Ogle enjoyed two stamps for 120 yen each, although Japan Post used these images in later editions. At the same time, it was decided to use the classical representation method, so that the designs would be more reminiscent of historical paintings than the modern card game.

The last games in the Switch series have also been adapted for the arcade game. Five representations of this have also been selected for use on ين 84 stamps.

New postage stamps in Japan (Image: Pokémon / Nintendo / Creative Inc.) / GAME FREAK

Fans should contact local post offices

Each new Pokemon stamp set is priced at 4,000 yen and will officially go on sale on August 25. Pre-orders are not yet possible via the Japan Post Office website, but Japanese fans must contact their local post offices.

However, Swiss Post is also planning a beginning of July Online reservation To enable. Swiss Post has introduced the new designs via social networks. Pokemon fans were very passionate about the stamps. However, many indicated that despite their desire to purchase the brands, it is likely that they will never use them.

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