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Japanese crossover: Lexus UX250h

Japanese crossover: Lexus UX250h

The compact SUV segment is hotly contested. One of the contenders is the UX 250h from Lexus, the brand launched by auto giant Toyota in 1988. Since then, Lexus has been symbolizing luxury from Japan. There is no significant presence in Europe: 33,217 Lexus vehicles were sold in Europe from January to September 2022, and only 159 in Austria. Things are a little different around the world: 481,661 cars were sold in the same period.

Lexus’ entire model range is slated to become electrified by 2030, five years earlier than the target date set by Toyota. Maybe don’t stress about 2030, after all, electrification started 20 years ago, at a time when other manufacturers were still grinning about it. In addition, 14 electrified models out of the 30 models offered by Toyota Group for Lexus vehicles have been announced. “Lexus accounts for about ten percent of total group volume worldwide, but will offer approximately 50 percent of BEV models,” says Pascal Roach of Lexus Europe. In Europe, 90 percent of Lexus models are already electrified.

Even if the brand is capable of quality vehicles, Lexus doesn’t drum up. You know what you are: a rare thing that attracts attention.

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