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Jazz concert – Saxfour impressed at HOB i RAUM in Bad Vöslau

Jazz concert – Saxfour impressed at HOB i RAUM in Bad Vöslau

A musical event that made the hearts of jazz lovers beat faster was just taking place at the famous HOB i RAUM arts and culture institution Bad Vöslau: the concert of the Austrian jazz band “Saxofour”. The group, composed of the noble players Florian Brambock, Klaus Dieckbauer, Christian Maurer and Wolfgang Buschning, amazed the audience with a unique sound that reflected Austrian jazz in all its splendor and virtuosity.

Richer: “We are very proud”

Petra Reicher, founder of HOB i RAUM, and her husband Stefan were very happy after the concert: “We are very proud to be able to present artists of this caliber here in Bad Voslau.” The atmosphere from the beginning was electric. “Charged. Because the audience was eagerly awaiting the sounds. And the line-up did not disappoint. “The connection between the venue and the quartet proved to be harmonious. The unique atmosphere contributed to making the concert an unforgettable experience for all attendees,” says Stefan Richer.

Sakfour: “We will come back”

Since 1991, the four musicians have been delighting their audiences with their unique blend of humour, ingenuity and harmony. Christian Maurer, one of the performers, emotionally expressed his enthusiasm for the concert: “Thank you to the organisers. It was really great. Good atmosphere. Nice people. We will definitely come back!” These words reflect the positive response the quartet received from the enthusiastic audience.

They have already released ten recordings and received the highest praise from the famous jazz magazine “Concerto”: “They are a band that makes you, as a listener, understand what ‘serious fun’ is.” The formation is performed on a world-class level, impressing with playful melodies and cutting-edge arrangements, offering audiences a unique audio experience. Many spectators left the venue with smiles on their faces. Full of sound charm and warm atmosphere on site.

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