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Jeff Bezos challenges Leonardo DiCaprio

Jeff Bezos challenges Leonardo DiCaprio

A video clip of Jeff Bezo’s girlfriend Lauren Sanchez adoring actor Leonardo DiCaprio went viral earlier this week. The Internet is amusing, and Bezos gets into it.

Only recently Created by Elon Musk in collaboration with David Beasly, Administrator of the United Nations World Food Program via Twitter. Now the next billionaire is following suit. Only this time it’s not about the end of world hunger, but simply about your girlfriend.

At the beginning of the week, a video circulated on the network showing Jeff Bezo’s friend Lauren Sanchez, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Amazon founder himself speaking at the LACMA Art + Film Gala. Sanchez seems to be in love with the actor – while Bezos stands by his side. The video is only six seconds long. That’s enough for the internet to make fun of the material. Comments like “Will Leo launch into space?” “Leo will never get a package on time again” or “Leo is a master steal, girl” are just a glimpse into the depths of Twitter.

Jeff Bezos takes with him a sense of humor

The internet didn’t have to wait long for Amazon founder Bezos’ reaction. Below a photo showing Bezos behind a warning sign that reads “Danger! Steep slope, fatal fall,” the billionaire billionaire jokes, “Leo, come here, I want to show you something…”. Now all eyes are on the actor. DiCaprio is known, among other things, for her commitment to climate, which is also reflected in her Twitter account. There is hardly a publication that does not address a serious topic. It is doubtful whether this would share in Bezos’ joke.

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