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Jeff Bezos offered NASA 2 billion to hold the moonعقد

Jeff Bezos offered NASA 2 billion to hold the moonعقد


After he became his space company blue origin Not in the bidding process for the US space agency NASA For this The first commercial lunar landerHe was able to prevail, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos Blue Origin is now offered even 2 billion dollars (1.7 billion euros) paid for the development and manufacture of a lunar lander, if again Blue Origin is against the competitor Space XPhone Elon Musk may compete.

NASA responded to the letter Bezos sent to the head of NASA on Monday Bill Nelson At first, at least, she did not respond publicly. The authority had decided against Blue Origin in the bidding in April and instead SpaceX with the development of The first commercial landing gear Dedicated to transport astronauts to the moon.

Blue Origin has protested NASA’s decision several times

Sort by approx 3 billion dollars It is part of what is called Artemis program. Since the decision, Blue Origin with their spaceship “New ShepardFounder Bezos had already made a short spaceflight last week Multiple protest It is entered against him.

The mission planned for 2024 should be as soon as possible 4 * Astronaut inside In lunar orbit on the Orion spacecraft, two of them will transfer to the SpaceX lander for the final approach to the Moon. The goal, then, is to be perfect Reusable take-off and landing system To develop it for flights to such destinations mouth and the Mars It can be used.

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