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Jeff Bezos zu Misserfolgen: "Was auch immer Ihre Ziele sind, geben Sie nicht auf"

Jeff Bezos on failure: “Whatever your goals, don’t give up” | 10/09/21

Jeff Bezos is one of the most successful people in the world. With Amazon, he founded a company that today makes a significant contribution to the daily lives of many people. But the self-made billionaire makes it clear that failure is also important to great success.

• Jeff Bezos explains that failure should be seen as an incentive to learn

• Starting an Amazon video game successfully

• Long waiting times and graphics card issues in New World

Failure is important to success

Everyone has failures in their life. But failure, according to former Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, is an important part of success. During the re:Mars conference in 2019, the Amazon founder was said to have told his employees that you needed big failures (in the billions) “if we were to move the needle,” CNBC reports. Because only such failures will show that you are holding on tight enough. In a tweet dated October 1, 2021, Bezos also mentioned that it is important to consider an obstacle as an opportunity to learn something. He went on to say, “Whatever your goals, don’t give up, no matter how hard it gets,” Bezos said.

amazon gaming studios

Amazon’s recent success supports the statement made by the Amazon founder. Just a few months ago, Bloomberg published an article titled “Amazon Can Do Anything Except for Video Games.” Eight months later, Amazon celebrated its first major success with a new video game. On September 28, the game “New World” was released at eight o’clock German time. The game has started successfully. At its peak, over 913,000 players played simultaneously on the Steam platform, as SteamDB scored. “After many failures and setbacks in video games, we’ve had a success,” Bezos said proudly in his tweet. “I am very proud of the team for their perseverance. See setbacks as useful learning barriers.”

Complete servers in the new world

However, the first few weeks of Amazon’s new game aren’t entirely without problems. Due to the huge popularity in the gaming community, there are long waiting times for players. Thousands of players are waiting in line for a place in the server. That’s why Amazon is currently working on adding more servers to the game, according to Amazon-Watchblog. Another problem is compatibility with some graphics cards. As a Twitter user reported, there must be an issue with how the game displays images. During the game, owners of NVIDIA Geforce graphics cards, among others, encountered such problems as failures or shutdowns.

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Amazon-Watchblog explains: “The next few days should be crucial for Amazon games. The interest in the new world is huge, and fans want this game. And the longer the problems persist, the lower the interest.” It remains to be seen how quickly the US company can fix the problems.

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